load and render order, asp.net, html, javascript.


What is the load and render order for a project having asp.net, html and javascript.

I mean supposing javascript is handled in head.

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The loading order is not really predictable in any reliable way because the are multiple http requests to the server and some large items may be broken into packets.  The packets will not necessarily be transported along the same route, and a re-try my be necessary fro some packets that fail to arrive or get corrupted during transport.

As for rendering it depends on a combination of the order of deliver, dependencies, internal directives in the content, and which browser is being used.  Generally rendering does not take place until the Document Object has been built, but some partial rendering may be generated before the build is complete if the browser has enough information to complete a component.

jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:

Can you think up a simple scenario? One aspx page, having html js and having code behind cs file.

Omit network transition.

Can you think up a simple scenario

There is no simple scenario.  

http: protocols are not simple and the order and speed of transfer is variable.  That is how it works. Even if you have the server installed on the same computer as the browser there is no guarantee of the delivery sequence.

What difference does it make? If you are considering some kind of design where thing have to be delivered in a specific order, then it is a design that will never work.


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