Google Apps Account Migration

Hello. I own a Google Apps Business Account with 9 active accounts. Besides I have created another business account with Google. I'd like to migrate Email messages, as well as contacts, calendar and Intranet Sites information.

I've seen a link from Google but it does not show exactly how to do it.

Can anyone please explain in detail how to do this? Where to start?

Thanks in advanced.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I have done this with a dozen of my clients.  As far as email there are a couple of options.  

1) Use outlook or Thunderbird to to sync mail from the old account to the new

I have a mac so I have only done this using thunderbird.  First I created a new email account with the old credentials and let it bring in all the mail. If there is a lot of email, this can take some time.  

Next I create another account using the new credentials.  

Finally I just drag the folders from the old account to the new.  Remember, this is happening from your computer and you will need to make sure it does not go to sleep.  

There are automated tools for this, but for a handful of accounts, I found this works fine.

2) Use gmail to import email from the inbox via POP. This will only work for email in the inbox.  If the old mail is using imap and you have a lot of mail in sub folders, then you have to use option 1.  

Option 2 is the easiest.  You will need to know the pop info for the old account. Username, password and pop server.  

A) Log in to the new account.  Make sure you are in the email portion and not the admin panel.  

B) Click on the big gear on the left and go to settings.

C) Click Accounts from the settings menu.  Then click, Add a POP3 mail account you own

D) The pop up asks for the email address.  This can be anything.  I  use so I know where the mail is from.  Click  next.

E) Enter in the username (probably the full email address) and pass.  
+ It is up to you if you want to check leave messages on the server.  If you don't the old mail will be deleted.

+ Check the box for, "Label incoming messages". You can leave it as the default or make up another.  

Click add account.

Now all the mail in the inbox will import with the label you specified.  Gmail throttles this so if you have a lot of mail it can take some time.  However, you don't have to have the browser window open, it will happen in the background.

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suplyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Padas but all users read their emails using Web interface. So I can migrate emails but how about Calendar, Contact Lists, and so on?

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
You have choices with the calendar to sync or import

For contacts, in gmail, click the Gmail link on the left and select contacts.  You will see an import contacts link.  

I don't believe you can easily import tasks.
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