VFPConnection Delete File

Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with vfpconnection.fll and if so can you tell me how I would go about Deleting a File on a remote server?

I've tried
Local Array aryFTPCommands(1)
aryFTPCommands(1) = "DELE " + lcImage
lcString = 'FTPCommands("FTP://' + lcUser + ':' + lcPass + '@' + lcDomain + '", @aryFTPCommands, "MyTrace()")'

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and other variations without any luck.
Other functions work fine - uploading, downloading - I just can't get Delete to work.
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I'll begin by admitting that I have never used  VFPConnection.fll, but I do execute FTP operations via VFP applications.

I have successfully used modified code originally obtained from the   FTP Client @  http://www.davesummers.net/foxprolinks.htm

It does include an FTP-Delete

And, since all of the source code is there, you might want to look it over.

Good Luck
Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
The FTP command to delete a file is DELE, correct, but I also read cases where it's rather del. Also unlike VFPs DELETE FILE you can only specify files in the current working directory, AFAIK, so instead of DELE /your/tables/some.dbf you CWD /, CWD your, CWD tables, and finally DELE some.dbf, first move from the FTP root directory to the destination directory, then delete only specifiying the filename. FTP commands are very atomic.

And DELE may also fail on insufficient rights.

Bye, Olaf.

PS: What if you use an FTP client and manually connect and delete a file? Refering the RFC 959 definition of FTP commands, a DELE may cause a safety question "Do you really wish to delete?", even in case you send over commands programmatically. That of course stops the process before files are deleted.

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formadmirerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.

I wound up finding two different options for FTP in VFP, but after hours of getting nowhere with either of them my son created a batch file utilizing DOS FTP to delete the file.
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