Opening a file automatically through Citrix Access shortcut

I have MS Access running off a Citrix server on a user's PC here.  I'm trying to get it to where when they click the shortcut (which launches the Citrix outlook) it also opens up a file which is located on one of our servers.  I think it's something I have to put in the shortcut line, but when I click it, it just opens access and not the file.  Can anyone correct my syntax?

"C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pnagent.exe" /CitrixShortcut: (2) /QLaunch "CCC Farm:Access^235647E5" "\\SERVER01\Shared\SX Access\NAccounts.accdb"
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CoralonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would enable the Citrix policy for client-to-server content redirection.

The important thing is that the user should not have Access installed locally.

I think that will accomplish what you want?

Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
You could use a batch file that uses a start command to start both apps and publish that.  You could change the icon so it looks like outlook as well.


You could also create ICA files and put them on a network share and use a batch file to launch the ICA files.

create the ICA file,

publish app with location

contents of batchfile outlook.bat

@echo off
start \\server1\citrix\apps\Streamed\ICA\outlook.ica
\\SERVER01\Shared\SX Access\NAccounts.accdb

You could also look at content redirection and use that as a published app as well
The question is not clear?

It sounds like you might want client-to-server content redirection where the client side file is uploaded to the server and opened up on the server app?

TymetwisterAuthor Commented:
I think it could be that we need client to server redirection.  Currently I have a GPO set up for server-to-client, but not the other way around.  Is that what needs to be done?
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