Sun Fire v100 Root and LOM password

Hi everyone, I just purchased a Sun Fire v100 from ebay a few weeks ago and finally got around to messing with it. The first thing I was prompted was for the login credentials. However, I do not have the password. I did some research and looks like if we short the JP13 jumper on the motherboard, it will temporarily bypass the LOM. I did that, and it looks as if it did and then the moment I type something, I was prompted for the password again.

Does anyone have experience with this server and how I can retrieve or change or by pass the password?
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Pepe2323Connect With a Mentor Commented:
as Arnold said, you can remove the password usint the media ( CD-ROm or DVD)

OK> boot cdrom -s

then when you get the prompt mount the root Filesystem, and edit the /etc/shadow  and remove the password for root

you will see something likt this:


put it like this:


save changes and boot again with hd, just type root and enter on the password
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to boot the system using a solaris install disk.
There are many write ups.
The seller should have provide you the credentials.  Did you try simply hitting enter when prompted for the password?

Check with the seller.
TeknikDevAuthor Commented:
perfect thanks all!
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