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Hi All,
I am not familiar with Access 2013 web applications. I just created a database with a table, but most of the ribbons are missing and I cannot see a way to create a form etc. With an accdb one can select a query or table and 'create' a form.
With the web database the only create options are tables, views and advanced (queries and more views etc)
How does one create a form (webpage?)? I only assigned 250 because this is hopefully a 5-second/newbie answer :-)
PS - the table-creation wizard created 3 default forms, group, datasheet, list.
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COACHMAN99Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This appears to be the solution:
There are no forms in web apps, just views. To create a blank 'form' one has to create a blank view, and apparently (because it is a view), it must be based on a table. So, to avoid confusion (with existing tables), create a dummy table, then a blank view of this table, then add controls as required. Then delete all the default views created when you made the dummy table (these things breed like flies)
Note: Once you have created a view, it is listed under 'Forms' on the navigation pane. (the ribbon refers to views, and the navigation pane to forms.)
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Hi ...

I've pretty much answered that in This EE question

COACHMAN99Author Commented:
Thanks, but I was looking for a simple answer - you provided a book (600 pages) and 20 articles.
My (re-phrased) question is 'How does one create a form' from scratch? (assume blank form for start page).
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
Well, respectfully ... it's  not just a 'simple' answer.
You need to do the due diligence and get up to speed on Access 2013 Web Apps.
I've given you the resources to do so.
We volunteer our time free here at EE.

And actually, Jeff's book is 1900 pages total.
COACHMAN99Author Commented:
We all appreciate the excellent work done here.
Surely one doesn't have to read 600 pages (on web apps), and 20 articles to create a simple form (that isn't related to a table)?  
I was looking for a 1-line Expert tip, I will purchase the book, and not trouble you further.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
You don't have to read all of the articles.  You can browse through them and probably find what you need to get started.

For Access 2013 Web Apps ... you need to have an Office 365 Account. One you have that ...

When you start a new Web App, you will import (or create) one or more tables - possible from an existing desktop app.  When you do this, A2013 automatically creates these tables directly in a real=, full blown SQL Server database - hosted and maintained by Microsoft in the Cloud.
At the same time, for each table created, a List View and Datasheet View form are automatically created for you - as a jump start.  From this point, you can of course modify as necessary.
That's the basic drift  of what happens.  

COACHMAN99Author Commented:
Thanks for that (I stated all of this in my first post) - I need to be able to create a blank form.
COACHMAN99Author Commented:
best offered and seems to work.
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