Most Advanced PHP Widgets


I am building a web application with PHP and would like to take advantage of existing Widgets out there.

like customizable Tables, animated containers and so on that makes it possible to build a single page web application more interactive , fun to use.

if you know any existing PHP Widget Library that you consider is superior than other libraries in terms of the features and customizability it offers, please let me know.

thank you.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
You're looking in the wrong place.  PHP is a server-side scripting language that generates HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  The kind of widgets that animate the client side (browser) experience are often made with jQuery, which is a JavaScript library.  I'll add your question to the right zones.
There are easily 100,000 sites with the kind of stuff you are describing.  You either need to narrow down what you want or spend some time with Google deciding what you really want.

objectkkAuthor Commented:
@  Ray_Paseur ,

Thank you and I appreciate your direction , that was a very helpful and fundamental clarification.

@ all,
I am lloking for very advanced JQuery widget libraries with following features.

1. - If mouse hover on a control (Button, Icon, Picture or the like) - I want to open a dialogue box showing more information about that icon. for Ex : it should be able to make a AJax call and get latest information about that specific icon and display.

2. show a container box made of multiple pictures - for example last people that have commented on my website -  but I want this box to be live and keep changing the picture live - with Ajax push feature backing it.

3.  a collapsible navigation pane - the navigation should open and close with mouse hover with no click.

4. animated contols - I want a button button in the middle screen and when I click on it move up to the top left corner of the page and become a tab and display more details.

The above examples are what I consider advanced controls instead of regular controls like tables and tree controls ans so on.

if any one of you know a JQuery library that is offering these types of animated features, please let me know.

I appreciate your help.
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objectkkAuthor Commented:
@  COBOLdinosaur

yes , I agree there are many options. unfortunately I do not have enough experience with JQuery at this time  ( I am working on it) to filter the best libraries with advanced features.

so I was hoping expert friends here at EE might be able to point me to some good JQuery libraries.

does my explanation above gives any details to hep me better ?
I do not have enough experience with JQuery at this time

Then you are going to be in over your head with the kind of things you are describing.  None of that is drop it in and run.  You have to have some jquery coding skills to implement such things.  

Either you need to invest some time learning the skills you need by working with simple pieces you can customize and learn from, or you need to hire someone who already has those skills. Taking driving lessons using a formula 1 race car is probably not going to have a good outcome.

To evaluate candidate for what you need you need to understand how plugins are built.  I would recommend you try as a starting point that will take you to the point where you can evaluate.

Ray PaseurCommented:
The work you're describing is the sort of thing that you might study and produce in a second or third year college engineering curriculum.  There is a lot of "deep background" you will need to erect the scaffolding so you can build up the knowledge.

The three books here are very well-reviewed.

I would probably trust these web sites. (Sad to see it go) (Have not evaluated it yet)

This article shows a very simple jQuery example that is not too far off of some of the things you would want to build or buy.

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