Report Defaults to printing every alternate row shaded

Can you advise why my report print with every alternate row shaded, similar to how a spreadsheet looks?   I can't find any option setting, or menu setting that might be responsible.   This is my first 2010 report, after using 2003 for some years.
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Kelvin SparksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the report design, select the section of the report that you have the problem (detail?) and look at the properties. Find the Alternate Back Color and set this to No Color.

Double Click on your report's Detail section to view it's properties and change the AlternateBackColor property (under the Format tab) to No Color.
kerikeriAuthor Commented:
Of course!  Wow, I'd spent an hour checking out everything, except that one setting of course.  Thanks Kelvin for your speedy response.  EE is just great!
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