My wife's Laptop (Toshiba) runs Windows 7 Professional X64.
For reasons unknown, 3 separate technicians - after 4 hours of trying to figure this out - could not understand why WINDOWS UPDATE would crash and burn, giving the Error Code: 80073712.
We even created a dummy administrator "TEST" account; and Windows Update displayed the same error.
I know of only one thing left: to somehow reinstall Windows 7 Pro X64 over itself (but that does not guarantee Windows Update will work)?!

PLEASE! If anyone can help me fix this, I would be extremely grateful.

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Kruno DžoićSystem EngineerCommented:
did they try this?

When you try to install an update by using the Windows Update website, you may get an error message that includes Error code: 0x80073712, and the update does not install.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I believe they did. The result: Windows Update still gave the same error code: 80073712.
However, we did so many things over 4 hours, it all started to get a "little blurry" so tomorrow I will attempt your suggestion - with all 5 solutions, if necessary.

We'll see how this goes tomorrow.  Thank You.

did you try the fixit for windows updates?

select upgrade soft or hardware - then the windows update fixit
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Google - Repair Windows Update

Should do the trick if the Microsoft suggestions do not.
is this problem recent?
if so, a system restore can help you out.
you can also uninstall the latest update(s) for testing
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I cannot deal with this right now. I will have to postpone responding for the remainder of this week.
Someone I love very deeply is either very sick or dying. All my attention must focus on him until I find out where we are going with this.

I deeply pray that you will understand!  I will get back to this next week.

An extremely worried, GadgetDude
that is far more important than this question, so take the time needed.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Nobus: I'm back.

Everything that has been suggested has already been tried. For example: Microsoft FixIt, pertaining to this issues, does not, in point of fact, "fixit"
I have even talked to a technician at Microsoft itself.
There appears to be only one plausible solution: to reinstall Windows 7 Professional X64 on top of itself.
What scares me about this, is that I don't have the experience to do this successfully (and hopefully solve the problem).
The only "Windows 7 Professional X64" disc I have is an "Upgrade" disc, which I used to upgrade from the original "Windows 7 Home" which came with this computer. THAT UPGRADE went extremely well! (with the help of "Windows 7 Secrets" by Paul Thurrot). In Chapter 2, Page 81,  he speaks of upgrading "Windows Windows 7". It is a 2 step process.
Bottom Line: I have to read more of this book carefully, in order for me to figure out how to safely re-install Windows 7 Professional X64 on top of itself.
I am told (???) this will solve the problem with Windows Update, and more.

I am somewhat clueless.


PS: When I "google" Repair Windows Update; all I get are BUY ME software that claim it will do this ... for a price.
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
My Windows 7 Professional X64 Upgrade disc will not work. Something about I have a "newer" version and the upgrade disc is an older version.
I guess I have to buy a recent Full Version of Windows 7 Pro X64 (OEM???).

I don't think Windows Update can ever be repaired. I might as well withdraw this question and stop wasting everybody's time.

GadgetDude :(
try renaming the software distribution folder , as mentioned in the first link from tappanaik

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GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
I am awarding points simply as a courtesy in recognition of the efforts. In truth, nothing attempted or suggested has worked.
The result: the problem was solved by doing a CLEAN INSTALL of the entire Windows 7 Professional X64 Operating System. And reinstalling only necessary software.

This was a problem that not even MS has an answer for; or should I say their "solutions" were, in point of fact, NOT.

Thanks!  I Bid You Peace!  GadgetDude
that is the final solution..
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