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How to read a string in c dynamically,

void main()
         char str[2000];
Other way could be
void main()
          char *str=(char*)malloc(sizeof(char)*(no.of characters));
How can i get the no. of characters in c at runtime.

Is there any way to input a string dynamically without fixing the size.
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mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
What do you mean by "input"? Input from where? Someone typing on the console, etc?
The norm is for strings to be null-terminated.  If so:

unsigned int x = strlen(str);
Hi searchsanjaysharma,

AFAIK there's no standard function to retrieve the size of a buffer allocated with malloc, allthough depending on the OS you're working on there may exist a function like i.e. _msize in Windows.

So the best way would be to store the size used with malloc somewhere if you need it later on. You could i.e. implement a struct with a char* and an int to handle this.

BTW, something about strings in C: Strings in C are representated as pointers to the first character where after the last character a terminating NULL character is added. So, if you want to be able to use the char *str with any string functions you need to allocate one extra char for the terminating NULL char, i.e.:
   char *str=(char*)malloc(sizeof(char)*(no.of characters + 1));
Then you need to copy the characters into the buffer and set the char after the last character to 0.

Hope that helps,


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