Help solving random application hang while starting up

Hi all,

We use an Oracle based ERP application called Maginus.

We have recently moved our business from Windows XP to Windows 7 and have since developed a random problem when launching this application.

On occasions and totally randomly the application hangs on the loading screen.  This happens to all our users on all our computers (built from different hardware/images) on totally random occasions  It doesn't crash, just sits there doing nothing.   On average it probably hangs 1 in 10 times.

The user then has to launch Task Manager, kill the process and relaunch the application.  It then (normally) launches perfectly normally.

Maginus support have not really been very helpful and have been unable to replicate the problem, but this doesn't really help us!

I have tried running Process Monitor & Process Explorer when the application hangs to see if I could see anything obvious, but I don't really know how to use these tools so am not exactly sure what I am looking for.

I have also tried totally removing our Sophos anti-virus & firewall (in case it was blocking something) but I can still replicate the problem with Sophos uninstalled.

Is anyone able to help us with this please?  Perhaps provide some advice of a application/logging tool we can run to perhaps see what s going wrong?

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Peter HartCommented:

I assume its a LAN active program? - Maybe its when more than 10 users try to access an XP machine on the LAN (only 10 concurrent users are allowed)

it might be hanging due to I/O activity by which I mean when it tries to use the  Hard disc

- the  Harddisc has a 'power saving' mode when not used for a while and the hanging is due to timing out.

check the Power saving options - Control Panel - Power Options - click on Change plan settings (of the active plan) - click on 'change advanced power settings'
and check the hard disc settings
fieldjAuthor Commented:
There is no limit to concurrent users.  The Client application runs locally and connects to a UNIX server where the database is stored.

It has nothing to do with power saving as I can sit repeatedly launching and closing the application and every now and then it will just get stuck on the loading screen.
Uninstall Maginus software and reboot the system.

Now right click on the Maginus setup file - properties- compatibility- select xp from the list and click ok.

Install the software and then try to launch it.

Post results.

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fieldjAuthor Commented:
The software is known to run on Windows 7 without the need to install it in compatibility mode.

We have this installed by MSI on over 200 computers so it is not going to be possible to uninstall and reinstall in compatibility mode on all these PC's.  I also know that it does function correctly 90% of the time on Windows7.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I am looking to find the cause of the problem, not a workaround.
Peter HartCommented:
what version of Maginus are you using?
and is your Windows 7 the 64 bit version?
heres an exerpt from the maginus user group:

"Dave Tranter confirmed Maginus are currently using 64 bit versions of Windows 7
operating system for development and for release testing of the Maginus ERP versions v7.10,
v7.20 & v8.
An issue was discussed regarding the failure of an MSI being loaded, which could be due to the
users Windows security administration rights, or a number of other Windows software security and
policy settings. "

for details see:
fieldjAuthor Commented:
We are using W7 32bit and Maginus 7.3 (which was released relatively recently).

We are in close contact with Maginus regarding latest versions etc so keep well up to date.

Yesterday I created a very basic VM for testing which pretty much only had Maginus, Oracle and Sophos AV.  I was still able to replicate the problem while logged on as a non-administrator.  However, I couldn't seem to replicate the problem if I was logged on as an administrator.

I will have to try and replicate this on another pc to see if it works OK when logged in as an admin.

If it does work, its not a solution as we obviously cannot make all our users local admins,  but it might help with the diagnoses.
Peter HartCommented:
are all the machines running a VM or is this just for your test?
fieldjAuthor Commented:
This is just for my test.  But the problem occurs on all our machines (we have a mixture of VM's/thin clients and desktop PC's).
fieldjAuthor Commented:
I have now successfully replicated this on a basic VM with minimal additional applications.  The problem definitely seems to only happen for non-administrators.

Maginus support have now remotely viewed the error themselves and have escalated it to their software development team.

Probably best if I close this question now as it does sound like a software bug

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fieldjAuthor Commented:
Please close the question as I dont think I am going to get an answer - it looks like a bug in the software.
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