WD Sentinel DX4000 cannot see all drives

hello experts

i got  WD Sentinel DX4000 8tb (on windwos server 2008) ... i can see only 6tb

where are the other two ? i even pulled out 4th hard drive! nothing changed!

when i go to computer management --- i cannot see any more partitions ect ......

help please
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strivoliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a WONDERFUL article about RAID which includes RAID5. RAID5 is one of the most popular RAID implementations.
The 4th drive is used for parity. The 4th drive space can't be used by YOU. It is used by the RAID.
Perhaps you have a RAID5 set up.
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
there were never any alerts when i removed hard drive ...
there was no 4th hard drive for 2 weeks
A RAID5 based on 4 drives works even with 3 drives only.
If you don't receive any alerts perhaps they are not set or misconfigured.
nzrubinAuthor Commented:
i had a read at the manual that RAID is by default ... so i just keep this 4th drive there and to nothing ... and if some other drive fails -- the raid will work i guess using this 4th drive or something .... ?
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