Create Excel cell indicator triangle

When you add a comment to a cell or you have a cell which has a number formatted as text the cell has red and green triangles in it's corners.

Two questions:
1. How can I create a marker like this myself ? Ideally in VBA

2. What is the actual name for these indicators ? There must be a technical name. If you look around the web you see a wide variety of ways to refer to these features.
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Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. It depends what you mean. You can only create an exact replica of those by inserting a comment or creating a flagged error. The only VBA alternative would simply be a shape positioned over a cell. What do you want it for?

2. The comment indicator as far as I know is simply called that.
There must be a technical name
Says who? ;)
AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
Well lets put it this way: there must be a 'collective' term for the indicators. I have a third party addin that creates it's own indicators on the left-hand side of the cell - in blue.

If you created a shap with VBA then a) they would not move with the cell and b) you would be able to select them with you mouse - as per all other shapes on a worksheet

I am trying to find the technical / collective name of these indicators so that I can do research on them
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
The indicators themselves have no official name that I know of. I suspect what your third party add-in does is create Smart Tags.
AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
Thanks rorya. It appears though that my question unneeded though. I have just clicked again on one of the indicators - the selection area is very small but it is definitely a shape (of a triangle).
AL_XResearchAuthor Commented:
It was my error but Rorya was spot on.
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