MS Exchange, set item deletion time in the database to 1 day

I need to reduce the size of my exchange database, and did an offline defrag, but only reduced from 39 to 37Gb. Knowing it's more than just the mailbox sizes in ESM (the public folder folder database), I read here on EE that a person needed to do this: (set item deletion time in the database to 1 day, and then forcing an ONLINE defrag to zero those pages. Once I got my 1221 event in the log, an offline defrag works it's magic)

I believe my question is "how to / where to set the deletion time in the DB to 1 day... seems to me that this is an appropriate approach.

The EE article I referenced is:

((THE crux of my problem is that I've reached the outlying size of my DB (where i'd set it to 39gb, I believe, and some days ago, users outgoing email is not reaching destination. It shows sent, but doesn't get received; and hours/days later, receive an administrative delay, or such.))

Thanks so much for feedback on this.
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Joseph DalyCommented:
I believe you are asking about deleted item retention settings.

If so the folllwing powershell cmdlet will do it for you.

Set-MailboxDatabase -Identity "DBName" -DeletedItemRetention 1

This is for exchange 2010 it should be similar in 2007, although i think you can also get to it through the gui as well.
spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply, yes its on SBS 2003, so Exchanges 5.x... I'm definitely going to need some kind of gui approach for this. I would go for entering the command line, but for one thing, I'm not certain it is the command I want, and additionally, I'm definitely going to want to reset it, to what it originallywas.
 Also, did you read the note that I was taking this consideration from
Joseph DalyCommented:
I do believe he was talking about deleted item retention. Basically what is happening is even though you deleted messages and freed up space you will not see that until it gets deleted from the deleted item retention area.

Take a look at these steps below. They are for exchange 2000 and 2003 and detail how to modify a DB's deleted item retention. Im pretty certain that if you have deleted items and not recovered the space this should resolve it.

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spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
Great, I will check it out, and follow up here. I suspect though you clearly satisfied my request here, I wasn't asking for a solution to the problem I'm having, but about what the person suggested in the other note
spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
This certainly fit the question of where to go for setting "1 day interval" for data retention / deletion. -thanks.
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