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3Com 4500 Switch

I have a 3Com 4500 switch that has four vlans and ports that are associated to each vlan. All four vlans had been working, but for some reason one vlan can no longer access the internet. When I plug a computer into port on switch associated to this vlan my local connection shows unauthenticated. Normally the local connect would show county. Local and the vlan would have access to the internet. Now it shows county. Local  (unauthenticated) and I cannot access the internet. I have static IP addresses for these vlans.
All four were working and have worked for a year now just this one doesn’t. Why am I getting this unauthenticated error for local connection on this vlan?
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    can we have the running configuration of this switch please?

molly22Author Commented:
I have just resolved this issues. The SFP adapter for fiber contection to router was causing the issue. Replaced the SFP and all four vlans are working.
molly22Author Commented:
As stated the vlan worked at the router but not at the switch. only device other than the fiber  between the switch and  router were the SFP adapters  contecting the fiber to the switch and  router. After replacing the SFP adapters all four vlans worked. Not sure why SFP adapter was effecting only one vlan. Normally the adapters ethier work or they don't.  Strange!
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