Looking for free oracle client to use to access oracle databases

Hello, I was wondering if someone can link me to a free oracle client that I can use to access oracle databases. Thanks
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
all the oracle clients are free

like this for oracle 32-bit

try MySQL Workbench.


FYI - MySQL is now under Oracle, therefore you may expect an even much better support to MySQL Workbench from Oracle later.
DancingFighterGAuthor Commented:
I just installed SQL Server 2012 so is there anyway I can download something that will allow me to access my oracle databases so i only have to use one client for all my db?
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if by "client" you mean the software libraries needed for communication then the first post above has what you're looking for

if by "client" you mean a user friendly interface then try oracle's SQL Developer


it is free and regularly updated, it does require java, but can be downloaded with a java bundle if you don't have an up-to-date instalation

another option is SQUIRREL, which supports any database you can connect to with jdbc


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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
fwiw, sql developer is part of the oracle client installation now

"one client (or front-end gui) for all databases" is ... a myth

every database has it's own peculiarities which a client takes advantage (or disadvantage) of
sql developer is part of the oracle client installation now

if you have the full client, not with the instant client,  however, the link you provided does go to the full client.

The bundled client is often several versions behind though, so, even if you get SQL Developer with your client bundle, you'll probably want to download a new version anyway
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
Sean, thanks for putting the dots on the i

if you install the runtime option from the link you have 95% of what you need for oracle

if you run the Universal installer, custom and add the odbc to it, even excel should be able to link to the db

however ...
you'll need at least the tnsnames.ora file or the location of it from your dba to make connection to the db
if you have setup the database yourself (like XE edition), check the network/admin folder where you installed it

and off course a user and password for it
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