Move sharepoint sites to another server

We have Sharepoint foundation 2010 farm consists of SQL server and IIS server.
Recently we have found out that the IIS server is in really bad shape and started to consider moving the sites to another IIS server.
I would like to know if it is possible to add another server to the farm and migrate all the sites from the first server to the second server, if so, what do I need to do?

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colly92002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can backup and restore them using powershell.

Probably easiest to do this on teh web app level, (or site collection level if this problematic for you).
Reference here:

You may find this dificult because of your current topology without an app server.
You may be better considering moving to a three server topology: IIS server, App server, DB server.  In this toplogy it is easy to add another IIS server.  If possible you could build a new farm, and migrate your current web apps onto it.
webox_suuportAuthor Commented:

thank you for your answer.
The IIS server is also application server in my case.
Central Administration is installed and run on this host.

I guess I was not so clear in my topology;
I have one hosting server (central administration, sharepoint services and sharepoint sites and sharepoint web applications) and one Content server (MSSQL 2008R2).

So in this case, how do I add another server and migrate the web apps to it and also the central administration and sharepoint services?
The problem is your topology does not follow best practice, which means that adding another IIS server could be a problem (I don't know - try it by following the instructions I have already pointed you at but be aware that it it is expecting apps to be separated from IIS).

Therefore if you have more resources, I would recommend that if possible you use them to build a three tier topology (IIS, apps, SQL).  This will free up your current IIS server anyway, and makes extending the farm easier in future.
webox_suuportAuthor Commented:

ok, assuming that I will create another farm.
How do I move the data (databases and sites) from the first farm to the new farm?
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