Connecting to NAS on external IP only Qnap TS459 -- QSync

Hi there,
Running windows 2008 R2 domain.
I am using Qnap Ts459.  My users access it via url '' from inside and outside.  My DNS has the entries mynas=10.10.10.X and mynas=ExternalIP.  Qnap has come up with a good utlility which sync files from own laptops (pc/mac) its a good utility to use in my domain.  
I cannot login on Qsync utility with external IP from inside the domain.  When I am outside I am able to login using this utility using external IP.  I would like to use external IP for this sync utility weather a person is inside or outside the domain.  Need help plz
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But you said outside was already working on IP. Use the full hostname outside.
Also use the full hostname inside (because you have control over your own DNS).
You have to try to use the full hostname inside the QSync utility (and adjust your dns accordingly). If that's not possible, and IP is the only way to use the utility, then it depends on your modem (either the make or model, or configuration). In most routers/modems I use (consumer level), the traffic goes outside, and right back in (due to our NAT rules, which you already setup correctly because you say it's working from the outside).
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
My NAT is done by cisco 2911 router.  My DNS has entries for local ip as well as external IP of the NAS.  I need help with this...
Inside the domain:
does not matter if I put in the local ip or full hostname it works (the full hostname grabs the local ip of the NAS) and users can connect to Qsync.  

Outside the domain:
Works when users put the external ip

I want my users to connect from inside of my domain with the external IP.
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