HP array firmware upgrades

Hi Experts,

I have an old active storage here: MSA2212fc
I have 3 enclosures.
Now I want to check for the latest firmware versions.
Which firmware I have to upgrade ?
Disks ?
Controllers ?
Enclosures ?

And how to go on ?
Later I want to put in bigger newer disk if possible.
Now I use 300GB SAS disks and some 146GB SAS Disks

I hope you have a nice guide to go on.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAsked:
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Pretty much everything has firmware, and sometimes there are more than one type of firmware.    The HDD manufacturers build firmware for families of disk drives, and then HP takes that firmware and tunes it for use behind certain controllers and makes a custom build based on the stock firmware and desired configurable settings. (Same is true for controllers, but these controllers are HP)

These settings exist to tune the firmware for desired operational characteristics like rules for caching and error recovery and timeout limits.  

So find out specific make/models of your hardware and go to the support.hp.com site and look it up. They've got release notes, firmware updates, and code to install the updates.  Be sure to read release notes.  There are often rules that say firmware rev X has to be installed on disks before upgrading to firmware Y on controllers ... or worse, maybe a firmware revision destroys data.  

This is rare but it happens.
Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok, I assumed it is not that easy.
Do you know maybe a step by step manual or what to do first ?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I would download the appropriate firmware to the server based on the components you have. from there read the installation notes on each. You might have to burn a bootable CD to apply some updates.
Sorry, you are just going to have to figure out makes/models of controller, enclosure, and disks and use the HP site to look at the updates & release notes.  The ordering is a function of the specific hardware and firmware revisions.   We'd have to do the same thing and look it all up.  Better to empower you with the knowledge on how to do it, and where to get the downloads.    That way you can just keep an eye on the site and check quarterly for updates.

I'd start with the controller (but that also might require BIOS updates on motherboard as well, so better shut down the box and look at the POST screen and write everything down so you know what revisions of everything you have).  Then start reading.    Don't update anything till you read all release notes for latest versions of everything.  You don't want to run into an incompatibility where your motherboard won't recognize the controller anymore because the motherboard had to be updated first

Yes it is a pain. Sorry.
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
TG-TIS's list is for the G3, 2212 is the enhanced version f the G1.

Try here for the G1 - link

Note I picked Win2008 x64 but the controller firmware is a .bin file that you upload via a browser so OS doesn't matter. I'd avoid the firmware "for Windows" upgrades, much safer to use the web browser with the .bin , .lod and .fla files.

I would do the controllers before the disks since the latest controller firmware supports the old and new disk firmware versions. You'll be lucky if you find a motherboard in it ;) Oh, BTW, it's OEM'ed from Dot Hill, not made by HP but you can't put the generic Dot Hill firmware on it since it's tweaked to match HP's disks.

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Eprs_AdminSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ok thanks I will look into it
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