acrobat 9 office 2010

I am helping a user that was recently upgraded from WinXP with office 2007, to win7 and office 2010
she also has acrobat 9
before the upgrade she was able to adjust the margins in acrobat 9 documents
after the upgrade she is not able to adjust the margins.
Has anyone run into something like this? If so, did you find a way to adjust the margins?
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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With respect TG-TIS, how is any of this relevant to the question?

Most of the links you posted deal with the PDF maker add-on incompatibilities and have little info on how Acrobat works under Windows 7 or how this may affect the setup at all.

Fact is that Adobe do not support A9 under Office 2010 anymore, so it would need to be a necessary upgrade for the user to get the full benefits of Acrobat and Office. But under W7 A9 works very well.

And this is pertinent to the question as it seems more about making changes to PDF documents in Acrobat so I cannot see an issue with Office here unless the OP can expand on this.

The important question is what do you mean by "adjusting margins"? Can you ask your user what tool or function has stopped working>? As this could relate to the Document menu as well as to Print functions it is not easy to diagnose where the issue could come from.

Also it may be worth checking whether this is not an isolated incident and can be reproduced on every PDF document. Just in case it is a coincidence and your user happend upon a protected document at first try...this would restrict editing abilities significantly

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Sorry, I'm working on multiple situations and probably just missed that. It was not intentional.

I will allow other experts to suggest solutions on this topic.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you
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