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Free San software? Anything new?

Last I checked FreeNas and open filer were the two only free San software available?

I read somewhere to stay away from open filer. Are there any full featured San solutions out there that are really good?

I will probably grow to 500gb of data. Most of the paid versions have a free version but don't offer any replication features.
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There are lots of flavors of Solaris that are free.  So is LINUX.  You are under the impression that FreeNAS and openfiler are special.   They're really nothing more than a *NIX machine with standard filesharing subsystems and some scripts.

But replication???   That is highly valuable intellectual property. If you want that, then you'll have to pay for it.

You could use ZFS / Opensolaris and do hot snapshots and use that as a foundation for replication.  It isn't exactly the same, but since you only have 500GB of data then it may be good enough.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
I concur with ZFS, it's similar to Netapp WAFL and has great snapshot technology as well as replication

ZFS can also let you create a filesystem, like /reallyimportantstuff and configure it so it automatically creates 17 copies if you like, distributed all over the place so you can have really, really crappy storage and it protects.

In fact, get a half dozen USB sticks and put ZFS on it into a RAIDZ2.  start unplugging them and replugging them in while doing I/O. As long as you don't take out more than 2 sticks at any time your data will be safe.   Set the pool up to do multiple copies of the filesystem and then even if you take out 5 out of 6 sticks then your data will still be there.
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