jsfiddle how do you copy a fiddle

I am having issues trying to copy a fiddle. I tried several combinations of fork and update, but when I got back to my dashboard, I have two copies of the same fiddle and I can't change the title unless I delete one.
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What do you mean change the title?
Under Fiddle options on the left you can set the name. (then set as base)
Rainer JeschorCommented:
the title you see is the first input box in the Fiddle Options area when you open your jsfiddle.
Fiddle Options
There you can change the title, save (== update) and then if you want set it as base.

Then you should have two identical jsfiddles with different titles.
jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Hi, sorry for the confusion.  I know how to change the title, but it won't work with a fork.  These are the steps I did:

Go to the Editor
Fiddle Options->Name: 1
Enter 1 in html area
Go to dashboard, click on new fiddle titled "1"

Fiddle Options->Name: 2
Enter 2 in html area
Go to Dashboard

I now have two fiddles named "1" with the same content of "1" in the HTML area.
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You need to set it as Base, not fork
jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Sorry, I am apparently not following what those terms mean.  I thought that fork meant make a copy and base meant to make version 1.  So the process would be to copy then set the version to 1.  That would mean fork then base.

I am still not sure how to create, copy, then have two different fiddles.
If you fork it it is the 'same' fiddle, so I assume they thought it would be too much hassle to then allow everyone to set the name of every fork when its base code is still based off the initial fiddle.
If you set as base you create a new fiddle based on the code, you don't need to fork it first.
jackjohnson44Author Commented:
"If you set as base you create a new fiddle based on the code, you don't need to fork it first."

Sorry, still don't understand.  How can you create a fiddle?  Are you saying base = copy?

If I want to create a fiddle with a title of "1", make a copy and change the title to "2" how would I do that?  In the end I should be able to see a "1" and "2" in my dashboard.
lol I'm getting confused.

Fork your fiddle, set the name, update and click Set as Base

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