ODBC connectivity problem

Server: Windows Server 2008R2 SP1
ODBC-Driver Oracle 11g
Filemaker Server: 12

Client : Filemaker 12

Using Filemaker with ESS (external sql sources) and working with data from Oracle DB umlaut (special char "ΓΌ") get's lost.
The encoding on the Oracle DBs is "american_america.we8iso8859p1"

What settings can be changed in order to avoid the loss of special chars?
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lisfolksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) First, per the article I provided, you would do this select in Oracle:
Look for NLS_CHARACTERSET, and note it's value. (Example: WE8ISO8859P1)

2) Next, in the Windows registry go to:

Look for an entry called NLS_LANG.  The first part is a language indicator, and the second part indicates a character set. This character set value should match the database's NLS_CHARACTERSET value. If they don't match, then change the registry entry to match the database's value.
Example that might appear in the registry: GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8ISO8859P1
GERMAN_GERMANY is the language indicator, and WE8ISO8859P1 is the character set. This character set is the part that must match the database's NLS_CHARACTERSET value.

3) Then, look for an NLS_LANG environment variable, and see if it matches the NLS_CHARACTERSET value you found in the Oracle select results.

If the environment variable doesn't already exist, then:
In the "Variable name" box, you would put: NLS_LANG

In the "Variable value"  box, you would put the same value  that is now in the registry (such as: GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8ISO8859P1) - again, with the character set matching the database value.

If the environment variable does exist, but it's value is different, then change it to match the registry entry.

The main point is that the NLS_LANG character set values in the database, registry, and environment variable must all be the same.
AcklesAuthor Commented:
It's quite Urgent!
Might this work? It's from Problem with ODBC (Oracle) and "German umlaute" - Google Groups

- Set NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8ISO8859P1 in the registry (the same value as the Oracle database has)

- Set the system environment variable NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8ISO8859P1
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Other possibilities include ensuring that you're using UTF16 and a font that can support the umlaut characters.
AcklesAuthor Commented:
sorry for delay, however I don't have any System Variable set.

Could you please tell me what should be the exact variable to be set?

The environment (system) variable to set is NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8ISO8859P1

Set it to the same value you set for the registry version (the same that Oracle is using).

If that environment variable doesn't exist, you'll have to create it.
AcklesAuthor Commented:
Can you please have a look at the example below & tell me what are the two lines I am looking for?


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