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We are receiving files from different countries and have separate Metadata repository  for each country. Currently we have millions of files in archives. Is it good idea to create  common metadata and merge all metadata repositories, if so what is it we need to do before we initiate this effort.
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Yes, it is good idea to create a common metadata repository DB. The benefits being
a. Maintanence
b. You can archive the non required metadata (eg. after your retention period requirements) to archival DB or your based on your archival strategy.
c. This give additional security (only with DB connection/Select access can see the data, where it is flat files it can be visibile to all)

To initiate this effort, you need to do some ground work on
a. What is your company recommended DB
b. Find the pros-n-cons of using that DB
c. Set the archival strategy and access methods
d. Load data to DB and setup BAR (Backup and Recovery)  
Good Luck
Thanks, Sadish

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