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In defining the "Source Error Ouput" in my DTSX package, I'm getting the error "Nor rows will be sent to error ouput, Configure error or truncation dispositions to redirect rows.."
Please advise.

(see attachment)
Roberto Madro R.Programmer AnalystAsked:
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Brendt HessConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:
When an error happens in an SSIS component, the default handling will "Fail" the component on a component error or truncation issue. To fix this, you need to tell SSIS that you want to "Redirect Row", which will allow the flow to continue down the red arrow.

The steps for this are:
Edit your data source object
Go to the Error Output tab
For each data element that you want to handle an error on, change the Fail Component block in the Error Output column to Redirect Output instead
Roberto Madro R.Programmer AnalystAuthor Commented:
Right on the money, Thx
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