404 error (from IIS) on certain file extensions

I am not a network bod, and require some assistance in configuring IIS.

When I hit a page on my own web server (v5.1 on XP) I can browse via URL and download files of all extension types, however with the same directories (and permissions set) copied onto  another web server (V6 on VS2003), when I try to download the same files I get 404 file not found when trying to download files with a certain extension.  If I then rename the extension of the file (in the same directory) on the server (for example from blah.xml to blah.txt) it downloads OK...

What IIS config/settings determines this?
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This is a MIME Type error:


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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
What version of IIS?

In 6.0, try turning off the Known Extensions feature on the Web server.

Turn off the Known Extensions feature by adding the *,application/octet-stream to the global MIME map. You must wait until the worker process has recycled or restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW service) before changes take effect.
It's probably not mapped so IIS just returns a 404
In IIS Manager goto Features View, open MIME types
In the Actions pane click add and add a mapping for xml. (text/xml)
brenlexAuthor Commented:
I had found that it related to specifiying my extenson in the MIME list just before I seen your post becraig.  Thanks, you will get the points, but the confusing aspect for me is that other users, in the past, of the same web server have written applications that have managed to download files with the same (previously 'not found') extension type.  Are there other configurations of the web server (IIS 6) that would allow this to happen? Or is it likely that someone has just removed the MIME type in error?
The norm is that the handler is configured when the specific module is installed e.g cold fusion php etc.

Sometimes this is unfortunately not automatically configured and manual intervention is required.
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