Need to format/erase SCSI disks that were part of a raid array. Non-Standard Hardware.

Junior Admin level skills.
We were generously given a number of servers, labeled as Dell but obviously not standard boxes. When I am able to install an OS, they come up as Dell BlackfordESB2 (instead of 1950, etc). Most of these boxes contain disk that were part of a different raid so I can't use the built in utility to configure.  I have booted a number of different Dell configuration disks but when I launch the config utility it always come up as "unsupported system". I am desperate for a way to erase these disks so I can then reconfigure and deploy these systems. I can boot these systems using an external USB DVD drive but is there a utility I could use to erase these disks?
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Buy a used adaptec SCSI controller on ebay. Any model will do as long as you can plug it in & get the cabling right.  The Adaptec firmware POST has option to do a low-level format so it can destroy old metadata.  

Make SURE the controller  is JBOD, not RAID, so a 29x160, or 29x320, 29xx family will do the trick.

You should also let the BIOS do the media verification.  Might as well let a HDD fail diagnostics now rather than let it die shortly after you install it into production.
Can't you use the inbuilt RAID utility with just one disk plugged in? Short of that you will need a non-RAID SCSI HBA although there is also the possibility of hot-plugging them into a running system and using the controller softwar on them that way. They may not have Dell PERCs in though, so see whether you can find a controller inside them.
adamant40Author Commented:
Both comments were helpful. Dlethe's answer was pretty much idiot proof. much Appreciated. Now I have to see if I can figure it all out.   ;-)
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