In configuring a printer on a network, what does it mean when the printer won't "release" its old IP address?

We have an HP printer that's used for special printing jobs. We can all print to it from Notepad or Word, but can't print to it from our Judicial System software and other custom programs.....the tech said she can't "release" the old IP address and point it towards the correct one. What does she mean, and how can she do it?
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Grasty86Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont know whether she is talking about "releasing" the ip from the custom software? or on the printer itself.

If the IP was wrong on the printer itself ... nothing would print.

My guess is in the software there is a printers section that still has the old IP Address, and she cant figure out how to remove the old IP Address and add the new one. But if these are all custom programs, I dont know that anyone here is going to be able to help you with that.

All that being said, as for the printer, does it have a Static IP Address? or does it get an address from DHCP via a reservation?

If it is static, then typically you can change the IP Address on the printer itself if it is a higher end network printer with menus and an LCD screen on it. Otherwise you can change it in the printer's web admin.

If it is dynamic via DHCP then you just need to change the reservation to reflect the new IP and then reboot the printer.

But again, I doubt the issue is with the Printer's IP Address considering your able to print to it via Notepad and Word.
It may have a port "captured" to redirect LPT1: for example.
That can be changed using the net use command.
sheana11Author Commented:
I believe it is a static IP, and there is the City Hall server & the Police Department server. When I go into settings for printer, you are unable to select a port, i.e. LPT1, even though they are available.
The port can only be altered on the server, not on a client PC.

It may be that your software can only print to local ports, or only to the default printer, or it may need a "captured" or redirected port if it does not support network ports.

There is almost always a way around it, but we need specific information as to how the software prints.
sheana11Author Commented:
I have no other information, but am very satisfied with the help that you gave me. Thanks.
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