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I am trying to figure out how to send my voice traffic out the back up interface.  Currently, when sip is connected to our Server USEAMAX2k, it works over the back up interface, but sends the RTP traffic over the outside interface.  I need that traffic to go out the backup interface.  Also, a static is configured using one of the assigned IPs of that interface, Would their be an issue with the static route? and should I use a policy based routing?  Mind you, we are trying to setup Fonolo with Altigen Max2k Server. This may also affect users who are remote and have phones setup.

We have 2 ISPS setup on 1 ASA 5510.

static (Inside,Backup) X5.XXX.157.157 USEMAX2k netmask

object-group service Voice_Ports
 service-object udp eq sip
 service-object tcp-udp range 49664 49723
 service-object tcp eq 10025
 service-object tcp range 10027 10029
 service-object tcp eq 10032
 service-object tcp eq 10040
 service-object tcp eq 10050
 service-object tcp eq 10064
 service-object tcp range 10080 10081
 service-object tcp eq 5061
 service-object tcp eq h323
 service-object udp eq 10060
 service-object udp eq tftp
 service-object tcp eq sip
 service-object tcp source range 10000 10020 range 10000 10020
 service-object udp range 10000 10020
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I'm not familiar with the specific traffic or applications, but I do know routing. If you want to force traffic of any kind over the backup interface, you have to use policy routing. But bear in mind that this does not force the return traffic to use that interface unless you control both ends of the link and use policy routing on the other side also.
TreyCarrIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
OK, so would i need a routing statement to route the traffic out the backup interface?  

ASA(config)#static (isp2,inside) 66.XXX.XXX.0 66.XXXXXX.0 netmask

I tried this command, and it did not work.
That's a static route. I'm not sure you can do policy routing in an ASA. here's a document from a few years back that suggests a possible workaround for you- it's essentially allowing you to create a different default routes based on the protocol but it may not work for you.

Here are some other postings I found that may help you:

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TreyCarrIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
All, I couldnt complete this config without a router. I had to purchase a router to do what I needed to do.   I am rewarding Mike the points.
TreyCarrIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Mike helped me see the limitations of the ASA.
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