Wireless - making a virtual network for guests.

Ive to go to an office tomorrow and I dont know if they have their own router or not.

Small office that has occasional visitors that need wireless access.
Dont want to get a second internet bill for another BB account and router if you know what I mean .

Small windows workgroup setup.

Easiest way?  

If ADSL > I can get a router that has a "virtual" guest wireless network?
If its not I can get a router that has a "virtual" guest wireless network?
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I would just bring a wireless router with me and connect it to their internet router or LAN switch.  Assuming DHCP is running on the network, set it up for DHCP.  Set the LAN subnet for something different.

So, if their network is then set yours for or something like that.

Take a look at the attached diagrams.

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Esteban BlancoPresidentCommented:
Cisco makes cheap wireless routers where they come with a guest access that you can enable and the users will be prompted to enter a password when opening their Internet browser on their device.

For small business that is what I have done and it has worked for me.  FMARSHALL is 100% right.  Set it up for DHCP if allowed.
fcekAuthor Commented:
fmarshall > thats brilliant.  

So the only connection to each router is via the WAN port and they are all on diff subnets.

So once the * changes the clients on each subnet cant see each other.  Like so.  
I can ping to test.

Alt get a router that has guest access.
These routers with guest access, even if password needed are not allowed to see other clients on the network I presume.
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
On Page 1, the clients at the bottom can see "upward".  So they should be able to see the clients at the "higher level" subnets.  But not vice versa.  At least that's my experience with commodity routers like WRT54G, etc.

On Page 2, the clients on the "branches" at the bottom can't see across to the other branch.  But they can see up to the next level subnet (and not vice versa).
So, this might be a reason, if you want isolation, to connect at the highest level in the network possible.  Often there's only one level anyway.

Multiple levels complicate things like port forwarding but it doesn't sound like you care about that.
fcekAuthor Commented:
So the tops of the branches can see whats below?
If I cant ping the cleints on diff subnets they cant see each other right?
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
No, the other way around.  The top level subnets can't see down into the lower subnets without routes added.

PING is a good test as long as you're pinging a device that's set up to respond to PING/ICMP
fcekAuthor Commented:

This is probably the way its set up .... .

Modem + router 1 combo
Router 2 - i add

Which should I add my "risky" guests to?
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Either to an upper-level subnet or in a parallel subnet...
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