Buzz words- Linkable content, valuable content, be the authority on your subject- how do these apply to me?

Whenever I read an SEO article, those are the words that are on top, most important. Linkable content, valuable content, be the authority on your subject.

I understand it, and I wish we had the kind of website where we could be the authority. But we sell frozen meals. Really good frozen meals, but how do those buzz words apply to us?

We do have informational pages, mostly because we also sell meals for people on special diets. But we're not the Mayo clinic, we can't compete with the kind of information out there, nor would we want to.

So essentially, that is my question. How does one create valuable, linkable content on a sales site? Or should I just ignore the best advice out there?

Thanks, I am interested to see your responses.
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With that type of site you are always going to be limited in what keywords you can use without spamming the pages (which would be worse)
So just make sure every product has a fulsome description.
Make sure you are using the phrases that people are likely to search for in the pages.
Make sure your HTML is laid out correctly and you are identifying the relevant content on your pages.
Do you have reviews - an easy way to get more keyword content on your page.
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
There are a number of sites that do these types of words..
If you have a Google Account, you can setup an Ad words Account..
Speaking of Google, you can use Google Analytics to verify what is being used to search for your site/product.

There are sites like SearchEngineWatch and possibly others that you can leverage to use for your META tags and such.
mel200Author Commented:
We do have reviews on every product, thanks. I'll look through all the products to be sure we're doing that, especially with the Hummingbird update.  Great advice, thanks!
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Oh and don't forget to try and get the backlinks from relevant sites - especially the special dietary ones, whilst the ordinary meals may be hard to compete with, the niche products might be easier to get better rankings with.
But I assume you understand that part anyway.
mel200Author Commented:
Right- I do have an SEO plan, but now and again I need a kick in the pants, this helps, thanks!
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks, great response, made me think!
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