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Hi experts ,

I'm new Crystal and having really hard time to format my reports. the moment i manage to make one field to appear well at the report , other fields are not showing correctly and so on...
is there a way to work with all fields in a section simultaneously and format everything according to general guidelines?
Could You please explain step by step for novice user?
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To a limited degree you can work with multiple field/objects at the same time.

You can select several fields at once by
1.  Holding the CTRL or SHIFT key while you select the fields
2.  Click in a clear spot and drag the mouse so you include all the fields you want

You can then right click the selection and choose FORMAT OBJECTS
You can then change the formatting of the objects

If the FORMAT OBJECTS option doesn't appear then you may have selected incompatible objects like lines and text.  It seems CR2008 makes it so you can't select them but I know earlier versions allow them to be selected.

What formatting issues are you having?

You can use the FILE --> OPTIONS to set default formatting for many of the objects

Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
I am assuming you are seeing issue when you try to format to page size?  Is this a portrait or landscape report?  You should be able to preview/setup how the reports look as you would send them to your Printer..

Part of the issue I am suspecting is that you are trying to either add a field or change a field..  If you change the field like a description, you may need to show only like the first 50 characters or increase the line height to show more than one line in the field.
oleggoldAuthor Commented:
the other issue is export report to excel :
when exporting headers in Calibri Bold font are translated to Calibri + 2 points
I have seen and heard of issues with fonts when exporting to PDF but nothing with Excel.

DO you have the latest service packs installed?

Is this on the same machine?

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