I have this formula for excel and I'd like to run it one time for over 300 names to create usernames.  pls help.

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barry houdiniCommented:
If you have the data all in one continuous run of rows B1:C300 then you should be able to "fill down" the formula in one go with one of these two methods.

If your formula is in an adjacent column like A or D then just put that formula in the cell, e.g. D1, select the cell and put the cursor on the bottom right corner until you see a black "+", that's the "fill-handle". Double click with the left mouse button and formula will populate the column as far down as you have continuous data....


...Put formula in row 1 as before and select that cell (assume G1) then in the box above cell A1 type the whole range that you want to populate, e.g. G1:G300.

Now press ENTER and that range will be selected...and then press CTRL+D and the formula will populate that range.

Either way the cell references will automatically adjust for each row so row 2 will be



regards, barry

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Hi shwelopo,

I suggest you be more descriptive with your question titles, in future.  Something which allows experts to see something more than just the topic area, when they look at the summarised list of questions.  Experts often just look down a list of titles and topic areas, to see whether this is a question they want to look at, so you can make it easier for experts if you choose a title carefully.  For example, something like: "Applying Excel formula to many rows" might have been better in this case.

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