Setting up iPhone Throttling Policy

Hi all,

We've had a problem on company iPhones where the phones would constantly connect to the exchange server and attempt to resend emails that were unsent or had an issue sending the first time. This dramatically increased data usage and reduced battery life on each phone. I came across a website that could help with this issue:

The problem is, I am unsure of how to follow the directions listed in the link. Could anyone help out? Also, does anyone know if this issue has been resolved in the new iOS 7?

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Vijaya Babu SekarConnect With a Mentor Associate Ops ManagerCommented:
yes we can, but you need to add the ios version of IPhone. other wise it will not work. you may going to refer the below links. How to do..

1) Create the throttling policy.
2) Download LogParcer and run it against your IIS logs to find out the noisy devices following the article below:
3) Apply throttling policy to those noisy users.
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