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Our company moved our internal website to an external hosting service, we recently turned the external website on ( and I turned the internal website off (, our external DNS settings make it so when going to it will automatically redirect to, but we're having an issue when anybody tries to do the same from inside our network, it won't go to the site at all.
> I created a CNAME record to point from to  I would also like to point that our internal domain is so I didn't create an A record to point to the external website IP address in fear that it might create conflicts within our internal network.
> How can I make sure that anybody inside our network can reach the new website when typing on their browsers?
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keep hosting the old website, make the index a simple meta refresh to forward it to the new website.
add an a record on the internal dns server for www pointing to the external public ip address the rest of the world uses.

So if your forward look up zone is add the A record there.  In the name field just type www and in the ip address use the same ip you have setup for external dns.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Can your internal people resolve & get to in browser ?

Forgetting browser for a minute if they PING the new external name do they get a result at all, and the correct new external IP?

If they get the right address, can they get to that host, i.e. is there any issue with proxy servers or firewalls?

If not then back to DNS... as IKtech says in your zone you just need www to resolve to the right address, whether that is as a result of CNAME to external address, or a direct A record makes no difference for this.

Now when it gets to your external website the browser has requested of course so your server there would have to handle both names, especially if it is hosting multiple sites based on the host headers.  Presume this is OK since it is already working externally.

artelllcAuthor Commented:
I found it easier to setup the meta refresh to forward to the new site internally. I even ended up doing the same for other internal sites that also went to a hosted environment with a new domain name.
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