Sonicwall - VPN works but cannot access Domain

Hello All,

I am able to to successfully configure a SITE to SITE VPN with two sonicwall routers, and though I can ping the IP address of the domain, and vice versa from the domain to the workstations.. but for some reason, I am unable to rename the workstation, because it wont find the domain.. or can't connect to the domain.

I tried pinging the domain name xxx.local but unsuccessful..

Any thoughts? I am assuming its a router configuration issues?
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IKtechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you rename are you removing the computer from the domain first?  What i usually do is, make sure you know the local admin password for the machine.  Then, add the computer to a workgroup and reboot.  Once rebooted rename the computer and reboot again.  Finally, add the renamed computer to your domain.

You may not want to try this on a mission critical PC, instead if you have one you can test with, you should use it.

Also do an ipconfig /all and make sure the dns, ip, default gateway, wins server ip address are all correct.

I would also look into adding a rule for Active directory ports to you firewall.  Do you have any way to see if there is anything being denied by the sonic wall?

the link will give you an idea of what ports to open up.  Also have you contacted sonicwall to see if they can help rule out potential firewall issues that might be causing this?
Can you try renaming a pc that is in the same LAN as the domain controller to rule out other possibilities before you troubleshoot the router config?

Also try using the FQDN for your domain.
Coupee46Author Commented:
Hi IKtech.. I have tried all 5 PC's on the same LAN and none are able to be renamed.. I get cannot find domain. :(

Coupee46Author Commented:
I havent had a chance to test out the suggestions..
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