Change subnet AS/400 iseries

We have a non production AS400 that I need to change the subnet on, but I'm having issues.

I go into cfgtcp. Option 1 for Interfaces. Stop the interface and wait for it to go inactive, then put a 2 to change it. When I do this it exits the screen and at the bottom says "TCP/IP Interface not changed". It isn't giving me any other error to work off of.

I'm loosely following , but I don't really want to remove it as they suggest since I'm not changing the IP but just the subnet.

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Jon SnydermanCommented:
Certainly more from your log would help.   You can check your job log with DSPJOBLOG, press F10 to display detailed messages and then scroll up.  You can press F1 on the messages to see more.

An initial guess would be that, due to the subnet change, you need to remove your related gateway first.   You can do that from option 2 in CFGTCP.   Be sure that, one your change the IP, you add the *DFTROUTE with a mask of *NONE back in to the configuration.


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bhiebAuthor Commented:
Spot on, it was an associated route.

Figures everything just has to be way more complex than necessary with iSeries. Over 50+ static devices on the network, and none of them even dropped a ping, but only IBM in their infinite wisdom would require I A) have to stop the interface thus requiring me to direct connect through some antiquated console, and B) rebuild the routes just to change the subnet (none of the routes even used a subnet they were either *host or *none).  

Oh well live and learn, thanks for the info.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
You might as well be complaining about the limitations of Windows 95 on a Pentium 5 PC - or maybe Windows Vista.

One place you mention AS/400 and another you mention iSeries.  They are different, but related systems, and both hardware lines are out of production, and have been for years.

If you really are on AS/400 hardware, you're running on 13 to 25 year old hardware and an old OS on top of it.  IBM sold AS/400 hardware from 1988 to about 2000, and replaced it with iSeries until 2006 when it got rebranded an IBM i.  

HMC got introduced in there sometime - more than five, less than ten years ago, I'd say, and made twinax consoles obsolete.

In recent years, the hardware line got merged with pSeries (AIX OS) and now both AIX OS and IBM i OS  (and Linux) run on Power Systems hardware.

Even on old hardware, sounds like whoever bought and set up the system went cheap, and didn't bother with remote console access or a second NIC on an admin network - both good practices for remote administration.
bhiebAuthor Commented:
It is iSeries, the jargon around here gets intertwined. It is 5 ish years old and no longer in production as of Jan 1, but needs to be retained.

Back to my point I had to physically access the machine to change the subnet. Not Twinax, but still it is 2013, and I view it as a failure if I have to actually go into the server room barring a hardware change. To have to disconnect the interface to make such a minor change, and to have to redo the routes is just...well..antiquated.  I get that the interface needs to go down to accept the change even windows servers do, but come on just let me make the change knowing that and then do it don't make me turn off the interface first, then recreate it just to modify a subnet. I'd even be ok if that was the procedure for the IP, but come on it is just the subnet. /rant
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Yeah, a lot of places AS/400 / iSeries / IBM i terms get used interchangeably - I do the same thing sometimes.

No reason you can't make these changes safely and remotely with a properly configured system.  Whoever made initial configuration decisions just went cheap and didn't give you remote console access, or provide a second NIC for an admin network.

Only certain cases where you have configured static routes where this is even an issue.

Anyway, now you know - so it isn't likely to come up again.  Gad you were able to get it solved.
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