MS Office 2010 on Windows 7 weird behavior

Good Afternoon,

Here is a run-down on what is going on...

7-person network in a mostly Windows 7 Pro environment with Server 2008 R2 as their DC.

5 users have Windows 7 Pro with MS Office 2010
2 users have Windows XP Pro with MS Office 2010 and 2007

Now for the weird issue. Everyone's Documents folders are redirected through the server. When the Windows 7 users try to save a document (MS Office file extensions), a little dialog box will pop up with a green bar and the file will take upwards to one minute to save. This does not happen to the XP users, regardless of what version of Office they use.

Things I have tried on an affected computer that didn't work:
repaired Office installation
re-mapped drives
restarted the server
tried disabling the SMB
swapped LAN ports on the patch panel
renamed the
temp disabled AVG Anti-Virus

Not sure on where to go next, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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mfriederConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok, after some more diagnosing on the server itself, I found the problem. It turns out someone installed Immunet 3.0 and it was scanning all the files being saved to the server. After uninstalling it, everything returned to normal.
Is the folder redirect done via group policy on the DC?  If yes check to make sure the policy is being applied to the xp machines.

Also you check to see if you need a separate adim template for GP to make the xp machines work.

this link might give you an idea of how to troubleshoot this.
Also you may have two conflicting group policies applied to certain machines or users.
yuck!!  Good catch though!!  Glad you got it working.
mfriederAuthor Commented:
because that was the solution to the problem.
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