OWA Emails Print As Blank Pages if OWA is accessed with Chrome

A customer has switched to using Chrome as her browser because IE 8 was operating too slowly.  The OS is Windows XP Pro SP3.

If she uses IE8 to access her OWA account, it is painfully slow, but she can print the emails she wants to print with no problem.

If she uses Chrome to access OWA, the speed improves, But, when she prints, the printer spits out a blank page or a page with 1 or 2 words on it.

Is OWA incompatible with Chrome or did I miss a setting somewhere?
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Problem might be caused by unwanted addin in internet explorer.

If you are able to access owa in internet explorer no addon mode then problem is caused by addons.

start- all programs-accessories-system tools- internet explorer with no addons

Disable unwanted addons.

rhaveyAuthor Commented:
IE works OK.  It's Chrome that has the problem.

I suppose it could be add-ins in Chrome, but I don't see any way to change settings in Chrome.
If it works in incognito mode then problem might be caused by unwanted extension


rhaveyAuthor Commented:
This should have been closed over a month ago.  When I got back to the customer, the problem had cleared itself up.

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rhaveyAuthor Commented:
There was no solution required.  The problem cleared up - possibly after a reboot by the customer.
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