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I have a Windows 7 Ultimate PC that I use for my media center. I have setup extensive playlists over time and don't want to loose them when I change to my new PC which is also Windows 7.

Somehow I  have created  duplicate entries  in my playlists to.

If I use easy transfer wizard will I transfer all these duplicate entries to?

Andrew MorrisAsked:
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Emmanuel AdebayoConnect With a Mentor Global Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
Yes, you can transfer everything plus setting and work as if it is on your old computer.

You can transfer most files and program settings. Specifically:

Files and folders. Everything within the Documents, Music, Pictures, and Shared Documents folders. Using advanced options, you can select additional files and folders to transfer from other locations.

E-mail settings, contacts, and messages.

Program settings. Settings that keep your programs configured as you had them on your old computer. Windows Easy Transfer doesn't transfer the programs themselves. Some programs might not work in this version of Windows, including security programs, antivirus programs, firewall programs (your new computer should already have a firewall running to help ensure safety during the transfer), and programs with software drivers.

User accounts and settings.  Desktop backgrounds, network connections, screen savers, Start menu options, taskbar options, folders, specific files, network printers and drives, and accessibility options.

Internet settings and favorites. Internet connection settings, favorites, and cookies.

Pictures and video. Pictures—which includes any visual format (for example, .jpg, .bmp, and .gif files)—and personal videos.

Music. Electronic music files, playlists, and album art.
Andrew MorrisAuthor Commented:
If the old PC was slow and maybe had some corruption somewhere, will this also transfer aswell?
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
No, it does not transfer any corruption, it does not transfer programs/applications but the settings as specified above.

If your files are infected with a virus it is possible to infect your new pc, So I would make sure you scan your data before transferring it to a new machine.
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