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Hey there,

Having a weird issue with Exchange room mailbox. Basically we have a delegate who is not receiving the meeting requests even though they are set as a delegate in the EMC.

Have tried with another email, but it still produces the same result. Is there a delegate option inside the OWA that might be causing this issue or does EMC over rule that?

Also, some users can't see any events on the calendar, I assume only one the delegate receives and accepts the request will we see it on the calendar. Is there something else that could be worth checking for that?

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Mahesh SharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean you have a delegate for a room mailbox??

It's ResourceDelegates attribute when you run shell cmdlet Get-CalendarProcessing
imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:

What if you create a new room mailbox and try to produce the same ?

Make sure you are creating room directly, instead of creating a mailbox and converting to room.
Raj-GTSystems EngineerCommented:
You can have more than one delegate on a resource mailbox so that's not the problem here. Are the other delegates receiving the meeting requests when you send one?

To allow users to view current appointments, you need to give them permission on the calendar using set-mailboxfolderpermission command.
itGeniusAuthor Commented:
Thats what I was looking for.
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