Internet Speed vs LAN speed

Is it possible to have the LAN speed slow way down when my connection to the internet drops? On two different, independent locations, both running Windows AD domains, we find the LAN speed falls slows way down whenever the internet speed drops or the circuit drops.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Or am I misconfigured somewhere possibly?

Thanks for any explanations why or help troubleshooting.
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KwoofConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If everything is hosted then the internet connection is a very critical component!

If the internet connection goes out...everything that is still trying to find the hosted anything is waiting and doing nothing until their timeout response arrives.  This could appear to slow down everything on you local lan.

I would recommend a basic Dual WAN router and a secondary internet a Cisco RV042.  That way even if your primary internet goes out, then traffic could automatically switch to the secondary internet (or balance between the 2 all the time) to maintain connectivity and keep company operations flowing as normal.
It depends what things you are doing...if you are dealing with documents that reference internet located data or pictures, then there will be timeouts waiting to resolve the URLs, etc.

If you have remote hosted data, then there may be timeouts getting to that data.

If there are programs that need to authenticate their license to continue operating or initially open, then there would be delays for that as well.
garyohAuthor Commented:
Everything this company does is hosted, Google Talk, Job Ticketing software, email, web searches for repair information, the only thing on the lan are documents they've saved and their backups. Oh, and printing.

Almost everything is SaaS there. Can you give me a bit more detail as to why?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> Is it possible to have the LAN speed slow way down when my connection to the internet drops?

i would speculate that's not LAN speed slowed down when internet connection drops, it should be just time-out for local application's connections to the remote hosts, and the users may have lag experience accordingly.
garyohAuthor Commented:
In testing, I find this to be true
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