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Hi experts, i am reading about Local Service Account

"The Local Service account is a built-in account that has the same level of access to resources and objects as members of the Users group. This limited access helps safeguard the system if individual services or processes are compromised. Services that run as the Local Service account access network resources as a null session without credentials. Be aware that the Local Service account is not supported for the SQL Server or SQL Server Agent services. Local Service is not supported as the account running those services because it is a shared service and any other services running under local service would have system administrator access to SQL Server. The actual name of the account is NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE"

I do not understand this
Be aware that the Local Service account is not supported for the SQL Server or SQL Server Agent services

However, i configured the SQL Server or SQL Server Agent services with NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE, view image
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David ToddConnect With a Mentor Senior DBACommented:

The best way is for each service to run in their own domain account.

If you change this in SQL Config Manager, it adds all the rights that are needed, rather than doing this via the services manager applet.

The next best, a very close second is for all the sql on one instance to share a domain account. That is, I often share the account between sql server and sql agent. (Its hard enough just getting the domain account)

Otherwise use a local account on the computer.

I believe that SQL will work as Local System, but as you can see, it terms of preference is a distant last.

The reason that its not supported is due to interactions with everything else that might be using the same account.

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