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I am planning for a backup of all my data in my network. Before proceeding, I want to send a template/ questionnaire to each department heads, so that they can fill their required backup's in the template.  Is any template is available?
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SelfGovernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to do some interviews to really capture the information you need.  The department heads are not likely to know themselves what you will need to know to implement a necessary and sufficient backup strategy.

How are you allocating the costs for the service you'll be providing?  Will each department have to pay for the quality of service and quantity of data you back up, or is it a cost that will be absorbed by corporate?

You'll need to know for each data store that needs to be backed up at least this information:
Server name
Amount of data
Projected growth over 12 months
Backup window: How long, during what hours?
What other important data stores are on this server?
Recovery point objective (if the server goes down, how much data can I afford to lose -- a transaction, a second's worth, a minute's worth, an hour's worth, up to a day's worth?)
Recovery time objective (if the server goes down, how long can I afford to go before the server is back online and functioning?).  
How much does an hour of downtime for this application cost the business?
What's the read speed for this system for backups?
How long must the data be retained?
What Service Level Agreement do you expect for time to restore an individual file?  An entire server?

That's enough to get you started.
Unless you have a price on the options, or unless you are providing a single class of service for every user, expect friction when everyone wants the lowest possible lost data and down time, and the fastest possible restore.
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Excellent description of initial requirements, SelfGovern!  In today's corporate environment it may even be necessary to determine who is paying for the initial interviews. Once the initial interviews are complete the real work starts.  Determining what is doing the backup (dedicated server(s) or shared), were the data being backed up is going (NAS, San, Cloud), even where the backed up data will be stored (other than Cloud).
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