RJ45 cable lenght and signal boosting

I bought a 60meter long RJ45 cable, actually is not a high quality cable i bought it on ebay for 15 pounds. I tried to make some smaller connections of 2-3 meter and it works perfectly. However when i try to use its full lenght, around 50 meter, there is no signal between points, the computer its attached to is not detecting the dsl connecion coming from the router.

is there any way of boosting the signal along the middle way? I do have power sources al along the way, so i could just make a cut and insert some middle device to rebroadcast the boosted signal.

Thank you.
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This option might help.

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It is unclear to me if you try to connect the pc to the modem with the 50m cable or the modem to the splitter.

In case of PC connection to modem :

The maximum length for a cable segment is 100 m.  If longer runs are required, the use of active hardware such as a repeater or switch is necessary. In your case the length is less than 100m so it should work.

You do not specify what kind of cable you bought (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 etc), RJ45 only tells us what kind of connector is used (in this case the 8P8C modular connector, often refered to as RJ45).

Inferior cables might not deliver the same performance so max segment length can vary. The environment can also play a big role in a problem like this, for example electricity cables in the proximity of network cables can also introduce problems like this.

In your case I'd first check the entire lenght of cable with a cabletester (or a multimeter) to check for physical defects in the cable. If the cable seems in order check for possible environmental causes.

A repeater or switch might solve your problem, good quality CAT5e or CAT6 cable might as well.

In case you're talking about a connection from splitter to modem :

The maximum cable length according to the ADSL specification is 30 metres, 20m is usually the advised maximum length between splitter and modem.

Hope this helps.

Don't use repeater in between 60 meter cable repeater price will come same as cat.6 0r cat.5e cable good quality cable.if try a repeater again it is not working ?.one more thing before you are going to buy new cable or modem check the current cable connection and RJ45 jack and crimp it again and test.
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celticianAuthor Commented:
it seems the repeater exceeds by far the price of the cable :) any good quality cable then?
this is the cable i have bought:



The connection is between the computer an the dsl modem/router from my company.
Connections have been checked, ive crimped many cables and all working fine, but shorter lengths than this.

I just bought a cable tester, i hope i receive it soon so i can check signal strenght, etc.
Hello friend,
Your cable is cat.5e so defently you will get the connection upto 120 meter.if not some pair brake or twisted pairs damaged try to find out.
The cable you bought is CAT5e so it should be fine but....

---- text from ad ----
This Network CAT5e untwisted RJ45 Ethernet LAN Cable Patch Lead is made using premium materials to enhance performance standards

They say it is an untwisted cable, I hope that's a typo and they meant to type unshielded.

A property of CAT5/e/6/7 is that the pairs are twisted together through the whole length of the cable. If you have a cable that isn't twisted then you will have major attenuation and interference that will cause the cable to run extremely slow or not at all. A problem which will get worse the longer the length of the cable is.
celticianAuthor Commented:
Please check this video where i have uploaded what's happening, the cable tester says the connection is good, but... it is not being detected :(


What is you tested is called link test.Cable test link test will show the connection even 300 meters also because it's voltage is high.If the link test say it is working means it's all pairs are not broken and crimpingfluke test cable is ok. It don't mean tour cable will work .Noise,untwisting,fluke test cable
celticianAuthor Commented:
I tried to use the same crimped 50 meter long cable at my office, connecting from my computer to the office router (a D-link DES-1016D), and surprisingly, the connection worked wonders with it.

The same cable at home is not working, i guess the voltage given by my home dsl router is lower and thats why i can't get it to work? any hints?

would it be better buying a new cable of better quality or some of those signal boosting devices?
celticianAuthor Commented:
So no hints what can be happening? :(
Personally I'd try to borrow/buy a cable (same length) and try that at home to see if the problem persists with a different cable.

If a different cable doesn't work either you'll have to focus on the (presumed) differences between those two situations;

- Router (DES-1016D at work, which router at home ?)
- PC (I presume you used a different PC to test at work than at home)
- Environmental issues

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celticianAuthor Commented:
Ill try those options and if i can't find whats wrong ill open another question.
Good luck and please let us know if you find the cause.
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