Help about porting DirectX 9.0c to DirectX 11

Dear experts,

I need to port my application, which is working perfectly on Win XP and DirectX 9.0c.
Now, we must to porting it to Win 8 and DirectX 11.

We used a lot of D3DX of DirectX 9.0c in our source code, such as:
-  D3DX Math
-  D3DX Texture
-  D3DX Sprite
-  D3DX Effect

I see that, [The D3DX (D3DX 9, D3DX 10, and D3DX 11) utility library is deprecated for Windows 8 and is not supported for Windows Store apps.] <from MSDN>.

So, what should I do in this situation?
(I'm not familiar to both DirectX 9.0c and DirectX 11, so please instruct me as detail as possible).

Note: My application is not a game, it just an image processing that used DirectX.

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Either rewrite the parts of D3DX that you used, find a 3rd party library which does similar things or change the code to use a different API. Given that the program is image processing then I guess it uses D3DXTexture most intensively. That would be replaced by a image/texture library.
FSOFT-SAAuthor Commented:
Thanks satsumo alot, but cause I'm not acquainted  with  DirectX so it's a bit difficult for me to make clear it all.

So, what will happen if I still keep the current version of source code (that used DirectX 9.0c) on Windows 8 (desktop only).
Is there any risk for using that.

That should work fine for just running the app, if using DX9 failed it would be because driver support was poor. But there are still very many people who are limited to DX9 because of using XP and many games use DX9 even if they run on Vista, 7 or 8. However, Microsoft probably won't allow it into the store. From what I can tell, Microsoft want developers to port their DX9 code to DX11 for the store.

You might want to look at XNA Math. This article talks about going from DX9 to DX11 in some detail.
FSOFT-SAAuthor Commented:
Thanks satsumo for detail explanation.

So, this means that, there's no official link or evidence which say that, DX9.0c will still work normally on Windows 8.

From what I understand, you have to install the DX9 runtime in Windows 8. DirectX is designed to be backward compatible, theoretically you could run a DX1 game in DX11. However, in practice Microsoft doesn't always support that compatibility. I think DX9 was compatible back to DX7.

It would be a very bad idea to completely prevent DX9 games running in Windows 8. There are very few games written specifically for DX11 or DX10. XP and DX9 still holds about a third of the PC market. Developers don't want to lose those sales and people want to run their existing games. Breaking DX compatibility between XP and Vista prevented developers from adopting DX10 for a long time.

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