Factory Reset / Password recovery procedure for Cisco SCE 8000


Im having a difficulty on How to factory reset a Cisco SCE8000?
i tried doing control break but there is no output on putty.
after letting it run for quite some time i was prompt with the "user access verification"

hope to hear some advice from the experts,
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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
From memory you can send a Break signal from the menu in putty, although it's a bit painful. You could try teraterm, maybe that's better on windows.

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1.      Connect a serial terminal to the `AUX' port at 9600 baud.

2.      Press Enter so that the prompt appears.

3.      At the prompt, type PSWD_ResetAll and press Enter.


Step 1      Connect a serial terminal to the `AUX' port at 9600 baud.

Step 2      Press Enter so that the prompt appears.

Connects to the SCE platform.

Step 3      At the prompt, type PSWD_ResetAll and press Enter.

Resets the enablepasswords.

The following message will appear:

All 'enable' passwords have been reset.

The SCOS is now using the default passwords for all levels. Note that this is a temporary state that is not preserved after a reboot. Rebooting the SCE platform without changing and saving the passwords will restore the unknown passwords.

n order to block unauthorized users from connecting to the SCE platform using the default password, a new password should be configured immediately for all levels for which such a password is required. The configuration should be saved (use the CLI command copy running-config startup-config) to make the new passwords permanent.
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