How to find out what usage a client is using - ISP say too much

We have one router.
Several rooms connected in domestic house share

Someone is hogging the bandwidth
How to restrict or at least measure usage per cable.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
This depends on the capability of the router.

One thing most SOHO routers will do is to allow QoS settings for various clients.  You may be able to set bandwidth limits so no one exceeds a certain amount of network traffic.

That aside, if there's a man in the house, he's the hog.  If there are many men in the house, the one who spends all his time alone in his room is the hog.
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
I know some women who use more bandwidth than any man I know, so that is not a fair statement :/

If your router does not support QoS or you do not want to throttle anything yet, you can use a software monitor such as Wireshark or Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4.

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fcekAuthor Commented:
Ok so we have narrowed it down to a man or woman or many of both :-)

Will wire shark IP address ? Or whole place as 1?

Qos? Stands for ? Me on slow phone
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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
QoS = Quality of Service, which manages the delay, delay variation (jitter), bandwidth, and packet loss parameters on a network.

Wireshark is a little more advanced of an application.  If you have the options on your Router to monitor, I would try that first.

What router do you have?
fcekAuthor Commented:
EU is a friend in this situation.

Router is a ? til I see it very soon.

They have a cable modem (broadband via a cable TV type cable)
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
Once you check the Make/Model of the router, first check out if that Manufacturer has any free tools available.  Manufacturers like Cisco, Linksys and Netgear have software that can be downloaded to extended the functionality of the network and configuration, most of which include monitoring.
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