C# path issue

Hello Experts!

I am new to C# and asp.net environment.  

I got a task which is already developed a little bit and handed over to me.  They have a database.cs file which needs some tweaking and when I see the logs, it gives a path that I cannot locate on the server- from which application runs.  I am guessing that path is previous developer's local machine path but I do not know how can I change that run it from server's C drive?  I also guess it is something to do with compiling binary files may be?

So here is the path.  If the file does not exist on the machine, how come it is seeing that file? (other C#/.NET files are there in other folder which I can see, but this error does not point out from that directory).  The path from logs is here-

C:\Users\abc\app\Test\TestClass\DataBase.cs:line 264

Hoping someone can hep here.

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In your solution open the DataBase.cs class in Visual Studio and go Ctrl+G (find line) and go to line 264, that will show where your app is having problems.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Such information is added into the .pdb files when you compile the application, so whatever machine the code was compiled on will be the one who's information is displayed in your Exception trace. The root directory, that is the "C:\Users\abc" part, is probably different on your machine, but the rest of the directory structure *should* be the same. If you are missing either a directory or a file, then I suspect you have a corrupted copy of the project. Make sure you have been given the full code of the project.
perlwhiteAuthor Commented:

I see and have access to Test\TestClass folder (that is stored as a copy on other path). However, I do not see C:\Users\abc\app folder.  I believe I have the full code.  

Where should I see for .pdb files?  Can I recompile the project from a common location so it is independent of any logins?
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perlwhiteAuthor Commented:
angus_young_acdc , thanks but that it is not what I am looking for.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
However, I do not see C:\Users\abc\app folder.
And you wouldn't, unless you were sharing a machine with the person who originally compiled the code.

Where should I see for .pdb files?
.pdb files are generated in the bin directory of your project when you compile, and assuming you have not disabled them (e.g. set to Release mode).

Can I recompile the project from a common location so it is independent of any logins?
I'd have to research this, but my initial thought is no. Usually you don't care about the root directory with messages like this. What you should care about is the project directory and down, as well as the filename and line number.

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perlwhiteAuthor Commented:
kaufmed,  Thanks for your replies.  I apologize but I do not understand. The server does not have Visual Studio installed.  The whole project opens on my local machine's VS.  Should I change database.cs file on my local machine, compile and then replace the pdb file on the server?  

In the bin folder, I also see WebClass.dll and MySql.Data.dll.  Should I change that too?
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Are you using Team Foundation Server for source code control?
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