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If you have an on-premise file server which contains a company's main data, can this be simply copied to SharePoint / SkyDrive Pro?

If this is possible, can you then synchronise specific content to a users folder on their PC/laptop, e.g. their home drive and perhaps the a department shared data? Is there any integration with AD so that permissions are preserved?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The AD integration (from dirsync) will only populate the user accounts and their respective attributes to the SharePoint database. A limited subset of the attributes if we have to be precise, and there is still no way to import the rest directly from (azure or local) AD. So yeah, you will need to configure the permission on a per site collection/site/library basis.

Here is one article that goes into more details if you are interested:
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Depends on your definition of 'simply' :)

You can open a SharePoint library in explorer or map it as network drive and use it to upload files. It will preserve the folder structure, but other than that you will have to manually adjust permissions, etc.

For every SharePoint library a user has access to, they can choose to synchronize an offline copy of the documents to their local disk (this is where the SkydrivePro client steps in). Permissions will be based on the SharePoint Online permissions, but you can take advantage of the built in RMS in Office 365 to encrypt documents.
HypervizorAuthor Commented:
OK, so there's no AD integration at all and we would have to create all groups/permissions again in SharePoint or SkyDrive Pro?
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